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Grilling Books, Cookware & Extras

Beyond the basics: Check out my latest favorite grilling books, cookware, and extras to step-up your backyard design or grillscape.

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Grilling Tools and Accessories: My recommendations

Wondering what you need to get started with backyard grilling or to make the process smooth and easy? You have my word that I have tested these products personally.

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Design Plans for Your Grillscape (grill shack, grill gazebo, etc.)

Don't know how to start building your grillscape? These grillscape design plans include complete tool/material lists, step-by-step directions and detailed drawings.

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Chicken Stir Fry in the Grill Wok

This chicken stir fry gets a touch of unique smoky flavor from cooking in a wok over hot coals! The Weber wok couldn't be easier, but a stovetop style is fine too.

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Darn Good Baked Beans

This smoked baked beans recipe never fails to impress everyone who tries it. As written, it contains bacon and ground beef, but it can easily be made vegetarian.

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Mac and Cheese Smoked on the Grill

How many "best homemade mac and cheese" recipes are online? Tons! But SMOKED mac and cheese made for your grill? This gooey four-cheese mac is the only one you need!

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How To Set Up Your Grill For Two-Zone Heating

What is two-zone heating (or direct vs. indirect heat) on a grill, and how do you set it up? Avoid some common pitfalls with these easy instructions.

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Pulled Pork or Pork Butt on the Grill

Tired of dry, tough pulled pork sandwiches? This moist and tender pulled pork, made from the pork butt cut, is surprisingly easy to accomplish with some simple guidelines.

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Jucy Lucy Stuffed Burger for the Grill

The original stuffed burger? Some say so. The "jucy lucy" origin story is far from definite, but the burger is definitely juicy and delicious!

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Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers for the Grill

Smoky bacon, creamy cheese, and spicy peppers merge perfectly in these bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers that are perfect for the grill or oven broiler.

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