Grilling Recommendations and Suggestions

The hardware store and the internet are both full of more tools, cookware, starter fuels, utensils, and other grilling accessories than you can possibly try. There are goofy things like the Swashbuckler BBQ Sword, grill charms (are you familiar with wine glass charms?), or the hot dog scorer, as well as actual convenience-oriented products like lighted tongs or magnetic paper towel holders.

But do you really need a bunch of fancy gadgets to help you cook or serve food? Of course not. As is true with most things, you can definitely get by with just a few basics -- salt, pepper, matches, fork, plate, etc... If you want to branch out, though, there is a wide world of items that can 

  • help you care for your grill
  • help you cook your food
  • make it easier to prep or serve your food
  • take your "grill game" up a notch with unnecessary but fun add-ons

Don't knock it 'til you've tried it

Over the years, I have tried out my share of items, some of which have honestly found the garbage can after just one or two uses, but I'm not going to bother telling you about those. Thankfully, there are other products that I continue to use regularly and that I constantly "talk up" to my friends. These are products that give a reliable, consistent result and which actually make my food — or my backyard grilling experience — better!

When you find something you like (or think is an important addition to everyone's arsenal), you just want to share the news, right?

Because of that, I'm happy to devote some space here to telling you about some those items that I personally enjoy and recommend.

The tip of the iceberg

There's no way I can touch on all the different kinds of products that you might encounter in your backyard grilling endeavors, but the ever-growing list of recommendations that I am willing to make falls into the following categories, so feel free to browse through and check out a few of my favorite things.

I hope you appreciate some of my reviews and suggestions about these tools and grilling accessories. I continue to come across new things all the time (sometimes from visitors like you!), so who knows? You might see your own favorite spatula or carving knife featured here the next time you pop in!

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