Backyard Grilling: Is there just one "right" way to grill?

Tired of wondering "What's the best grill to use? How long do I cook this? How should I start my charcoal? How could I build a fire pit or grill gazebo that works for me?" 

Let me help you! Whether you call it barbeque, BBQ, a cook-out, grillin', or anything else, I'm here to help make backyard grilling fun and easy, even for beginners.

Three types of grills on my grillscapeThree types of grills on my grillscape

I love to cook outdoors and to share what I've made. There's something magic about the open flame and the conversation with friends as you're tending to that food. It just makes everything taste better.

Are you intimidated by all the different types of grills, the different tools, temperature guidelines, or how to set up an ideal outdoor kitchen or cook space?

Don't worry about it! I don't believe that there is any one best way to grill. It's something that's done in nearly every culture and community around the world, and the range of techniques are as diverse as the people using them. 

Check out my personal experiences with a variety of grill types, tools, accessories, favorite recipes, and ideas to customize your grilling experience for a rock-kickin' good time!

I hope you find some useful information and "tricks of the trade" that will have you feeling like a backyard grill pro in no time! 

Keeping it easy

Loading coals from the charcoal chimneyLoading coals from the charcoal chimney

My goal is to make backyard grilling something that is easy for anyone. That's why I have created a series of "How-To Basics" that cover every step of the process, from start to finish. I'm always adding more helpful tips, too, so check back periodically to see what has been added.

There are lots of recipe sites and mouth-watering grilling videos that you can watch, but most of them assume that you already know how to get started. With my "Basics" pages and "Basics" video playlist, I try to provide the "step one" info, so that everyone can have the same great results.

Read through or watch the "How-To Basics," give them a try on your own, and let me know if there are other instructions you would like to see!

Backyard grilling - Putting it all together!

Another struggle that I know people (including me) fall into sometimes is how to create an entire meal and get it all hot and ready to serve to guests at the same time! Maybe I'm so focused on the meat that I'm grilling that I forget to put together the side dishes -- or maybe I don't think ahead to prep some items, and then parts of the meal are finished and getting cold while I'm scrambling to finish other items.

To help out with that challenge, I've also created a few "meal timelines" that provide a helpful guide to getting your whole meal on the table while it's still fresh. You can use my recipe suggestions or swap in some of your own family favorites with similar prep needs, and soon you'll be the confident host that makes backyard grilling and entertaining look effortless! 

Chicken stir fry all comes together at onceChicken stir fry all comes together at once

All in all, backyard grilling is about eating great food and having a fun time. Experimentation, trying new techniques, new tools, and new recipes are what keep me coming back to this hobby time after time, and I hope it will be the same for you. Happy Grilling!